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Scenic America - Tall Ships Photos
US Brig Niagara 2
US Brig Niagara 1
Barque Europa 1
Barque Europa 2
Barque Europa 4
Roseway 1
Roseway 2
HMS Bounty 2
HMS Bounty 4
HMS Bounty 6
Pride of Baltimore 1
Pride of Baltimore 2
Pride of Baltimore 3
Pride of Baltimore 4
US Brig Niagara 3

Gaff rigs and barques, brigs, and top sail schooners are a few of the most beautiful sailing ships of yesteryear. The HMS Bounty, a three-masted barque, is a replica of the British ship now lying at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, sunk by hurricane Sandy in 2013. Rich maritime history tells of the fate of many tall ships that did not survive modern history. With names like 'Niagara', 'Pride of Baltimore', and 'Europa', all had a pedigree second to none. The old sailing ships were used for fishing, ferrying cargo across oceans, and many for wars.

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