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Desert Photos
Sunrise in the Superstitions 1
Sunrise in the Superstitions 2
Sunrise Mountain Ridge 1
Sunrise Mountain Ridge 2
Sunset Over the Tucson Mtns
Enter At Your Own Risk
Brittlebush in Bloom 2
Red Prickly Pear 1
Red Prickly Pear 2
Yellow Prickly Pear
Red Rock Peaks 1
Red Rock Peaks 2
Red Rock Peaks 3
Red Rock Yucca 1
Sunrise in the Superstitions 1

The Sonoran Desert of the southwest, with its red rock landscapes, unusual plant shapes, lush greenery and spectacular sunsets, is an easy target for photography. From the craggy red rock cliffs of Sedona to the many water reservoirs of the Salt River, this is a photographer's dream. Yucca and Joshua trees with rugged scenery, make for easy photo composition.

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