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Classic Cars Photos
1910 Stanley Steamer
1904 Franklin
1906 REO
1907 Ford
1908 Buick
1908 Rambler
1909 REO Steering-Wheel
1909 REO
1912 Maxwell red
1912 Maxwell
1915 Studebaker
Maxwell Messenger
Steam Venting 1910 Stanley
Toot Toot
1910 Stanley Steamer

In the 1890's,in the earliest days of the horseless carriage, there were no roads, only horse trails that were usually impassable with cars. By the early 1900's, names like Ford, Buick, Maxwell, Franklin and Stanley were well established. Because they were unreliable in those days, in order to drive them you needed to be a mechanic or stay very close to home. As many as two dozen companies in the U. S. built cars, names like Reo, Brush, Studebaker and Rambler have faded.

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