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Hooves & Fur
Gray Fox 2 Gray Fox 3 Gray Fox 4 Gray Fox 1 Gray Fox 5 Mule Deer Buck 1
Hunting Coyote
Bull Elk 1
Bull Elk 2
Bull Elk Yellowstone
Rutting Elk 1
Big Horn Sheep 1
Big Horn Sheep 2
Gray Fox 2

Rutting bull elk are frequently seen in the Rocky Mountains of North America. These magnificent animals are usually found in groups, and in the fall, when mating is rampant, the large bulls gather a harem of cows while fighting others for breeding rights. Gray fox and coyotes are common all across our country from farmsteads to suburban yards. Bighorn sheep are one of four species of sheep in North America and are found in the mountains of the western U. S. and are mythologically revered by Native Americans.

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