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Rosey Faced Lovebirds 2
Rosey Faced Lovebirds 1
Rosey Faced Lovebirds 3
Hawk Taking Flight
Harris Hawk 1
Harris Hawk 2
Gambels Quail 2
Gambels Quail 3
Northern Flicker 1
Northern Flicker 2
Northern Flicker 3
Northern Flicker 4
Sharpie 1
Rosey Faced Lovebirds 1

Harris hawks, rosy-faced lovebirds, and Gambel's quail are a few of the species of our feathered friends in the desert southwest. The rosy-faced lovebirds are a species captured in Africa for the pet store industry that subsequently escaped into the wild of suburban Phoenix and are self sufficient, establishing breeding colonies in Arizona's suburbs. The northern flicker and eastern turkey are favorite birds in the upper midwest of the U. S. A.

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