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National Parks Wyoming/Dakota Photos
Badlands NP 1
Badlands NP 2
Badlands NP 3
Badlands NP B&W
Badlands NP Color
Badlands Sunrise 1
Grand Teton Lakes 1
Cool Geyser Hot Pool 1
Cool Geyser Hot Pool 2
Cool Geyser Hot Pool 3
Geyser River 1
Badlands NP 3

Our first national park was Yellowstone which contains about half of the world's active geothermal areas. Gushing geysers, hot volcanic lava flowing into the Madison River and mud burping putrid sulfur tells you you're in an exceptional place. Travel south to see the majestic Teton Mountains then east to the Badlands of South Dakota and experience moon like layered rock formations, steep canyons and towering spires.

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