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National Parks California Photos
Sand Dunes 2
Sand Dunes 2
Sand Dunes at Dawn 1
Zabriske Pt 1
Zabriske Pt 2
Zabriske Pt 4
Zabriske Pt at Dawn
Yosemite Meadow 1
Yosemite Meadow 2
El Capitan and Meadow
El Capitan, Merced River
El Capitan Rising
Half Dome at Sunset
Artists Pallette 1
Sand Dunes 2

From below sea level at Death Valley National Park to the highest point of Yosemite's Peaks, California spans diverse beauty. From windswept sand dunes at morning light to the subdued hues of sunup, a day at Zabriske Point is an artist's paint brush. Miles to the north in the Sierra Nevada Mountains are Half Dome in Yosemite National Park and El Capitan near the Merced River.

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