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Desert Photos
Arizona Beauty
Brittle Bush Blooms
Cholla Bloom
Joshua Trees in Bloom 2
Organ Pipe Cactus 1
Organ Pipe Cactus 2
Organ Pipe Cactus 3
Red Arizona Barrel Cactus 1
Red Arizona Barrel Cactus 3
Red Mountain Brittle Bush
Santa Fe Cholla 2
Santa Fe Cholla
Arizona Beauty

For those who look for beauty, some would call the desert nothing but sand and cactus. They haven't seen the yellow floral display of brittlebush, the reds of Arizona barrel cactus or the pink of Santa Fe cholla. In the spring of the year, the brilliant blooming desert defies description. Look for the unusual large organpipe cactus bloom that only lasts for one day, or the Joshua tree flowers that only occur in remote areas north and west of the Phoenix area.

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